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About Beat2k's Sheep BnG

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If you're after a good scheme then you've come to the right place. This is Beat2k's SheepBnG, the original scheme played by (o\|/ to this very day.

The scheme is essentially an anchored BnG with a twist of carnage. One of the fundamental differences between BnG and Sheep BnG is that Sheep Heaven is enabled. Of course, being anchored the crates aren't easy to obtain and well they might be, for even if you collect a crate you cannot use the sheep therein. The point is to blow these crates apart, at which point a sheep will leap out and explode on contact with land (or a worm for that matter - mid-air worm/sheep collisions are a rare but tasty treat).

There are a few other differences to BnG but these remain far more subtle. The scheme as it stands now is the result of many years of play-testing, tweaking and refining. It requires skill and strategy, unlike it's slightly more volatile cousin Mega BnG.

Remember, there are two things in life: Sheep BnG and ignorance.


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