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I've decided to do this the hard way for now. Eventually I'll work out a more tidy and efficient way of displaying these downloads. This is fine for now, though. It's in alphabetical order and everything, so there.

Information and instructions

One of the downsides to using custom speechbanks is that if your friends don't have the same speechbank then they will just hear the default one when it's your turn. It doesn't make much difference to you, although it's good to know your taunts are being fully received.

Also, if your friends do have the speechbank but it is located in a folder with a different name to the one you are using, the same will happen.

Just to be sure everyone can hear the speechbanks downloaded from here, make sure you extract the zip to a folder of the same name in your speech folder.
e.g. the top download would go in C:\Team17\Worms Armageddon\User\Speech\Ali

So, browse the list below and see there's anything you like.


The list

Ali-G 5.3MB

Another Ali-G by AntonAAA 2.0MB

Army of Darkness 15.9MB

Beavis & Butthead 1.7MB

Bender 1.1MB


Bluesman (from W3D, I believe) 5.2MB

Borat 4.3MB

Carry On 2.2MB

Cheech & Chong 1.6MB

Darth Vader 2.3MB

Duckman 446KB

Family Guy 711KB

Fawlty Towers 1.9MB

Gangster 3.1MB

Kingpin 3.4MB


King Crimson 2.0MB

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 6.6MB

Matrix 2.4MB

Pink and the Brain 1.9MB

Ren & Stimpy 1.8MB

Simpsons 999KB

South Park 706KB

Spaced 5.3MB

Star Trek 1.9MB

Vader (me) 642KB

Wassup (that stupid Budweiser advert) 550KB

Young Ones 4.3MB


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