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Following is a series of links to other Worms pages which you may like to see. Feel free to send me a link to your website and I will consider adding it to the list.

Worms Knowledge Base

If you need to know something about a Worms 2, WA or WWP, this is definitely the site to head for.



Run's WA help site is most excellent. It includes lots of information and tutorials on patching all the versions of WA and other cool tools and extensions.



CyberShadow's WormKit lets aloows you to do some cool things, such as change the water colour and enable alt-tabbing and other key functions.


Team17 Forum

Team17's official forum. You can find information on pretty much anything you like here, with some patience.


The Page of Light

The Worms: Armageddon Page of Light is a great resource for images and sprites from the game. It's thanks to John that this site looks the way it does! The site also houses a series of guides and walkthroughs for your perusal, should you be struggling or simply curious.


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