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Here's my Flash stuff. I've included some of my non-Worms stuff here partly to bulk it out a bit and partly because I like showing it off.

A-Team Credits, back from the days of The Allotment.

A-Team Episode 1.

Pokémon Vs Worms.

Radioactive Worm.

Shaftworm Trailer.

Wormderful Life written by Sniper (aka Nutter).

Teaser trailer for Scots Vs Soul.

Second trailer for Scots Vs Soul.

Scots Vs Soul, the first Worms Flash animation with lip-sync.

Co\|/ banner.

Feardom Part 1, an unfinished animation about the development of the "Gelotron Chip".

studioAKA presentation I did for university. They make some really good adverts.


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