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Hello there!

If you've been here before you'll remember that there were some problems being resolved before the site came back proper. Well, I'm happy to say that the site has been fixed up a little here and there but I'm sorry to report that it's not fully functional yet. The only casualty, from what I can see, is the Water Colour page but if you happen upon something else which appears to be broken, please email me about it.

Feel free to browse this site. It's purpose is primarily to document, give access to or otherwise publicise some of the more creative facets of Worms. Though the site is in a realtively primative state for now, the intention is to give it much more functionality. As the gaming industry becomes more and more focussed on User Generated Content we, the Worms community, can wave a big stick at them and shout. We've been generating content since Worms began, whether it be as simple as flags or as potentially complex as schemes. So, where some other websites have previously failed, I aim to succeed.

In time this will become a portal for UGC. Players will be able to upload their own content, search for other players' content, download said content and of course use it in their game. I won't go into details of how it will all work now as this is basically still a concept but rest assured it will kick arse. :)

Enjoy what we have for now, as modest as it is.



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